Monday, July 11, 2011

Strange Sights

I wonder who they work for and who they are trying to influence.  It amazes me how some people dress – do they think about what they are saying about themselves?
I can’t believe they look in a mirror before they leave for work.
Have they even showered?
Have they washed their hair?  They certainly don’t look as if they have or even bother about what they ‘look’ like.
Don’t they know they are being ‘judged’ all the time? 
Impressions are made in seconds and last – it’s very difficult to ‘undo’ or change a negative impression.
I wonder what difference it would make to their world if they bothered...?

Why Can’t People Communicate?

Some people just can’t communicate effectively.  Why are some people so negative about everything? Whatever you say they reply with an issue, problem, or negative statement.  It is exhausting and demotivating.  Why not think positively and why do people not say what they think?  Why do they say everything else and hope you get the hint?
We are not mind readers.
We don’t know what you are thinking (unless you say it).
Why do we make assumptions from everything people say and have the ability to change the meaning?
Communication – be very aware of how you are communicating and the effect it is having.

Body Language – Tells the True Story About You

We are born with total freedom to be ourselves – why does that have to change?
By the time we are teenagers our body language changes and we can ‘look’ very negative, unless we stay very aware of how we are using our bodies.
Every day I see people who are neck and head down almost laying in their chairs, frowning – it makes me feel concerned - tapping their pens, tapping their feet, stroking one leg continuously – what is going on inside them?
Why allow yourself to become like that?
Take a look at your body language and ask for feedback.