Monday, May 19, 2014

Drama Crisis in your Business and in your life?

What happens when a drama hits your business or your life?

Sometimes big stuff happens and we find our selves in a very difficult situation - how do you react? How can you ensure you are in Control, have the Influence and keep your Integrity?

Decide on the Outcome you want and what that will do for you when you succeed at achieving it. Go to a time in the future (say 3 months) when you have achieved it. What will success look like? What will be happening to tell you that everything is ok? What will you see, hear and how will you feel? Be specific.

Now - who can help you? Who do you know that can support you?
What resources do you already have available? Your knowledge, strengths, expertise?
When have you done something similar before? What did you do then?
List as many as you can.

What actions do you need to take now?
What is the Number 1 action that you have to do first?

What could stop you being successful?

Take each one of these points and ask yourself the question - What do I need to do to solve this one?

Picture your Vision of Success and make it happen. Review it daily as things change and be brave standing for your Integrity.
Stop and think before you act!
Don't make others wrong!
Hold yourself accountable
Check yourself!