Monday, July 16, 2012

So you do have emotions don't you?

Well Done to Andy Murray for showing us his emotions at last.It's great because at last you have connected with the public Andy.Now you can look us in the eye.More importantly you have connected with yourself and that will mean the difference between success and failure for you. Now we will see how your coaches help you to use that connection to drive you forward to win a Grand Slam. You can do it!

Great Leaders show their emotions! They know themselves from the inside out and are comfortable with who they are and how to communicate it to the outside world. They use every emotion to drive themselves forward when facing the toughest of obstacles. They use their power, their strength and their energy to ensure they succeed.

They know 'what' the emotion is.
They know 'where' it is in their body.
They know 'what' triggers the emotion to be there.
They know 'why' it is there.
They know it has a positive intention for them.
They know in short 'what' it feels like.

Vitally they know 'how' to manage them.

They don't just feel them they use them to drive them.They have high self control - not too much so they are distant and disconnected but enough to influence,connect and show their passion and commitment.They have enough self control so they don't;

Lose their temper
Shout and scream
Rant and rage
Storm out of meetings
Cut you off
Blame everyone else
Cry in meetings

Instead they spend time alone preparing themselves.Understanding their feelings and ensuring they tap into the energy they bring.They focus on success and they motivate themselves to achieve it.
They know that if the feeling is 'fear' or 'anger' then they need to go an exercise, take a walk , take some time to work it through.They remind themselves that over 66% of success is down to their Emotional Intelligence so they welcome their emotions.

Then they connect with you their stakeholders.They can build the empathy and rapport with you because they pay attention to you.The focus is off themselves and on to you.

So enjoy your emotions.They are normal. It is OK to feel them.They are there as a call to action.
They are there to look after you and keep you safe.

So build your EQ now.