Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Founder and Master Coach

Nicola McHale (formerly Ross) has over 25 years experience as an Executive Coach to Global Organisations. Her depth of knowledge and integrity mean that she has strong relationships with senior leaders as they drive sensitive and dramatic change across their business.

As a successful coach, Nicola demonstrates flexibility, adaptability, the expertise to pace the
individual/organisation, the ability to call on a wealth of experience; plus a strong tool-kit of models and techniques that can be used to intervene when normal conversations become abnormal.

Nicola developed Vi’s ‘Inside out and Outside in’ approach which has enabled leaders to achieve outstanding  Customers, Employee and Shareholder results rising year on year:
‘Our philosophy model means that, when working with an individual, team or organisation from deep on the inside - It then enables that depth of understanding to manifest itself on the outside too.  The way the individual or company then behaves ensures transformational change,  it will be change that lasts, change that is authentic and this will always lead to success.
That is why Vi is different.’


Nicola has worked throughout the world with leaders as they move organisations and roles. They say that her knowledge and experience has been instrumental to their career progression and that is why 100% of Nicola's business is by referral. Her extensive experience delivering across Europe, Asia and the US have given her the ‘edge’ when working with 'Global Organisations' who need to drive sensitive transformation and be the best in the markets they operate in.

Nicola has an ability to work through abstract scenario building in the absence of concrete facts and decisions, to enable ‘the coachee’ to determine  outcomes that would be mutually beneficial for both the individual and the organisation.  Examples of this type of expertise are given when a company is considering new roles, there are changes to an organisational structure, there is a more dramatic career change, or indeed an organisation is changing completely.


  • Established Vi International In 1988 and developed into an International business delivering in Europe, Asia and the USA.
  • A regular supporter of Young Enterprise working alongside American Express.  
  • Nicola has guided her business through two recessions with a first class record of achievement.
  • Developed the ‘Inside Out and Outside In’ approach.
  • Achieved Preferred Supplier status with many large organisations.
  • A motivational speaker and Master Coach.


  • Board and Senior Leadership Development.
  • Executive Team Development.
  • Executive Presence.
  • Stakeholder Development and Management.
  • Emotional Intelligence.
  • Women In Business.

Over the last 25 years Nicola has worked alongside Presidents, Vice Presidents, CEOs and General Managers and has partnered companies like: ABN/ AMRO, American Express, Diageo, LBG, NHS Trusts, Microsoft, HSBC Insurance Brokers, Virgin Atlantic, SCB and many more.

Nicola will prepare you and your company for unknown eventualities and  decisions over which you have little or no control. By recognising the positive outcomes and opportunities that these changes could represent, you are significantly better prepared to work through the change curve quickly and then lead an organisation towards its new goals and company objectives.

To contact Nicola directly please email 


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