Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Network Holdings Group Conference

I was asked to be a guest speaker at the Network Holdings Group Conference on 21st March.
The title of my Presentation was ‘It’s up to you if your business succeeds or fails – Transform your team now’.
What a brilliant group of like-minded senior Recruitment Professionals. They were open and eager to learn how they could improve their leadership to survive and thrive in this tough climate.
So what did we talk about? It was to bring my recent book – Transforming Teams alive. Everyone received a copy thanks to Jon Smith, Director so they went back with a coaching tool which will be with them for many years to come.
Where did we start?
I start where I always start - with you! It is up to you, it will be because of you if you succeed or fail. So take ownership now, set yourselves apart and start thinking – what makes you different?
The Recruitment Industry does not have a great reputation so ensure you are different. Build that reputation. Build the trust firstly with your employees because they are the ‘touch point‘ with the candidates and the clients.
You will lead the culture in your business along with your senior team.
You are responsible for inspiring, leading and motivating your teams.
You are responsible for leading, achieving and celebrating great results.
They started by identifying key mentors they had in the past, their greatest leaders who had taught them the most. What was different about that person compared to their worst leader or manager? Values differentiated them. People who were consistent, who supported them, were honest with them - who had integrity and generated great trust and loyalty.
The group then started to think about what their vision of success would look like? Then I coached them through the 7 levels of Leadership Alignment which is in my book. That way everyone can set themselves apart from bad leaders and build greater trust and loyalty from staff, candidates and clients.
We then moved on to Part 2 of the book – Build your Teams and discussed how to avoid the 5 Roadblocks of team/business failure. The key area being to build deep trust with everyone you work with and do business with. One way of doing that is to have robust, clear and courageous conversations so there are no elephants in your office. We moved on to Part 3 of the book - Achieve your Results and I shared how vital it is to focus on the right results, have a clear vision of success and how you are going to get there and to ensure your thinking drives successful behaviours in your business. So if your business is underperforming – know what you want and change your thinking to change the behaviour!
Sounds simple doesn’t it but we all know it is not especially if you know your business is underperforming where do you start?
Start with the end in mind as Stephen Covey says. Your vision of success - create a shared vision with your team/s. Don’t tell them what your vision is – it must be created together so you gain their commitment.
Then have a Cultural Audit done by an external company so you know what the true climate is in your business, be open to know and do something to change it.
As a Member of the IOR Genius Team I was impressed, they listened, they connected and they shared – and they all committed to go back and do something different in their businesses.
So if you want to know more or you have problems in your team or with your clients then contact us..


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