Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Impact is Critical

All great leaders have amazing impact – something about them exudes gravitas.  What is it that makes the difference?  What makes people want to work with them, be in their team and work in their organisation?
Impact is subjective, almost intangible at times – but we know when we have been in the presence of someone truly inspiring.
Impact is present both on the ‘outside and the inside of us’.  Leaders who have gravitas are authentic and have integrity are ‘at one’ with themselves.  So what is it when you break it all down?
Outside – what we see on the outside is a person who is at ease with themselves and others.  They connect immediately, they are interested in you, they seem to have an incredibly range of probing questions to ask that make you stop and think.  One question can change a mind set and they know that.  Their body language is congruent and energised.  You come away from them feeling inspired and motivated not drained and negative.  What do they do to be able to do that?  They connect directly with you at a values level, they cause you to think further ahead than now, they probe what you learned from the past .They seem to be able to help you see what you are great at and what you could develop – they give you so much without saying too much. They are interested in you.
They remember the small things about you.  They remember you had a holiday, they remember to ask how you are.  They have amazing new stories.
They are confident.  They know their strengths and they know how to use them to have the best effect.
They don’t try to be anyone else.
They know where their ‘gaps’ are, what they don’t do well and they are always open to learning.
They laugh at themselves – they are not defensive.
They know and understand the impact of their emotions; they welcome them and use them to inspire.  It’s ok to feel the fear.  It’s ok to feel the frustration.  It’s ok to be angry, as long as you are angry with the right person in the right way. That is an art and they have that art.
They pick up all the nuances and are flexible in their behaviour and are open to learn from you.
You are important to them!

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