Thursday, October 13, 2011

Transforming Teams – How do you do that?

How to work together to ensure success – spend quality time together.
Build the Trust
Teams who don’t trust their leader will never succeed.
Teams who don’t trust each other will never succeed.
So what breaks trust?
§  Leaders who say one thing and do another
§  Leaders who gossip about their team to their team
§  Leaders who ‘set’ team member up against each other
§  Leaders who don’t give feed-back
§  Leaders who don’t give feed-forward
§  Leaders who don’t mentor or coach
§  Leaders who don’t acknowledge strengths
§  Leaders who don’t take responsibility
§  Leaders who don’t celebrate success
§  Leaders who don’t allow people to say what they need to say
§  Leaders who don’t encourage open debate
§  Leaders who don’t listen
§  Leaders who don’t include their team decisions
It’s the same in every relationship – we need to talk about ‘things’ that matter, talk about concerns, our fears, our workers.  We need to know and understand one another’s strengths, the support we need, talk about our challenges and share ideas.
There is no trust if there is no conflict management and there is no conflict management without trust.  People will not open up, share issues and concerns or challenge each other if there is no trust.
So the first thing to establish in your team/organisation’s relationship is trust.
How do you do that?
§  Share about yourself – be open
§  Laugh about yourself
§  Be interested in others
§  Take the time to get to know ‘who’ people really are and what motivates them
§  Take the time to get to know each other
§  Socialise and have fun as a team
§  Be a part of the team
§  Create a 'Shared Vision'
§  Focus
§  Bring the spirit of the team alive
§  Motivate and inspire
§  Include them – you can do this with your families too!!!
Everyone has to have the conversation – say what they need to say to the right person in the right way to understand.
Seek to understand.


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