Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mind Coaching for the Brighton 2012 Marathon Runners

Friday was the day – I gave my time back to Brighton.
My aim was to help the Marathon Runners supporting the The Whitehawk Inn to get their minds fit for the event. Body-fit is not enough as Sir Edmund Hilary said "It’s not the mountain you have to conquer - it is yourself"
Our mind can be our worst competitor. It can turn against us. It can stop us before we have started.
I remember being on the edge of a very challenging ski slope many years ago and becoming terrified by thinking I could not turn. My mind had stopped me, every part of me was terrified, so frightened I could not turn – but because of my training I could train my brain to let me go and eventually after a great deal of discussion with myself and visioning success, I got myself down that slope and have never looked back.
So I wanted to give some hints and tips to help the runners to get in control of their minds.
What did we do?
I helped them get clear on their 'Purpose' – the 'why' they are running the Marathon. You must have a clearly defined purpose - the reason why.
We then got clear on their 'Vision of Success' – what would be happening when they were successful. Successful people have a very clear 'Vision'. They are able to go forward in their minds and act ‘as if’ they have already achieved success. We did that.
We discussed their strengths and capabilities – the 'what' they had already that could help them. Using the resources you already have available make it easier than working without them. Use them to help you to be successful now.
Then we talked about their Beliefs! Thinking drives behaviour, so it is vital to think for success, not failure. We identified what might stop them? How they might stop themselves? Once we knew the answers to that question, then we started the process of changing some self-limiting beliefs and behaviours. I selected one of the participants and took them through a 'belief change cycle'. It was amazing for her and great for the others to see ‘how’ to change your thoughts. She came out with a clearly defined belief structure which will enable her success.
Finally, we focused on the timeline and what and how they organised their minds in relation to time. Some were well planned, whilst others were not and had done very little preparation. So knowing what success looks like, start with the end in mind and act as if you are already there – that could apply to any thinking for any sport or business.
Train your mind for success, not failure and don’t be your own worst enemy.

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