Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Time for yourself is so important as you grow in your role, grow your team and improve your results. Seldom do we give ourselves that time - why not?

Research continues to tell us we cannot 'run on empty' and yet we continue to try. We would not attempt to drive our cars without filling up the tank - so why do we think we can continue putting ourselves at risk?

When did you last have fun at work, with your Team, with your colleagues and yet we know it makes a huge difference to engagement, motivation and achievement.

As we end the year perhaps it is time to do an inventory now - how fulfilled are you?

Benchmark them 1 - 10

Your Career
Your Finances - $/£
Your Health and Fitness
Your Relationships - Friends and family
Your Environment - work and home
Personal Development

What does it look like to you now and what would you like it to look like this time next year?

It will make a difference if you make the time to change what is not working.

Ask yourself the question - What do I want to change - and change it!

1 comment:

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