Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Great Leaders Stop and Reflect now!

Great Leaders stop now and they reflect on the last year and they ask themselves how did I do?

Career - Think over the Challenges I have had this year.

What did I learn and what could I have done differently?

Did I reach my targets, my goals? If not why not?What could I do differently in 2013?

My Business Partner Relationships - Benchmark them? Who do I need to influence in 2013?

Personal development - What did I learn? How did I stretch myself? What do I want to learn in 2013?

Environment - What Culture do I have around me?  How did I influence the culture and what can I do differently in 2013 to bring a healthier Culture to my team and my business?

Health and Fitness - Am I fit to Lead? How stressed have I been and how did I manage the Stress in 2012. What am I going to do differently in 2013?

Am I living and being my Purpose?
Am I true to my Values?

How have I stopped my self from being the Best I can be? What am I going to do differently to realign, reset and just be me!

Perhaps it is the right time for you to do a check in with you. I know I will.


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